Screw you Izotope Alloy 2!

2015-06-27 09:22:09 by DL2Electron

I thought we were the perfect match....We could have even had it all.......but NOOOOOOOOO...You just HAD to be a goddamn CPU whore after just 3 instances on the inserts. OK, perhaps I may need some high performing specs to satisfy you, but after what I found out, you're nothing but a high maintenance gold digger.

Thats it.

We're done.


















....for the time being.


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2015-06-27 10:25:16



2015-06-27 12:05:37

A tip I've found to help alot with older DAW systems:
Computer -> Properties -> Advanced System Settings -> 'Advanced Tab' -> Performance, Click Settings -> 'Advanced Tab'-> Change the Selection from 'Programs' to 'Background Settings'

Also, try this as well afterwards
Control Panel -> Sound -> 'Sounds Tab' -> Sound Scheme -> Set to 'No Sounds'

What this should do is process-prioritise all of the plugin shell extensions over the DAW itself and the No sound scheme will remove the system sound reserve so your sound card should be able to handle more.

Give it a try and let me know if you notice much of a difference.

DL2Electron responds:

thanks but it didn't work. I opened up a big project file with 20 wav audio files (no VSTs) and the CPU still clocks at 100% with Alloy 2 and a few Waves plugins. :(


2015-06-27 12:36:01

Damn. Ah well it was worth a try haha.

What is your current system spec like?

DL2Electron responds:

intel i7 2.00 GHz speed with 2 cores, 4 logical processors, 8 GB RAM