I achieved the impossibru!

2015-06-28 18:04:58 by DL2Electron

So I've been working on a few songs to submit for the Newgrounds Inspired Music Contest. They should be done by the July deadline (hopefully). These project files are so damn huge that my PC pretty much will be on its death bed soon as I'm frequently overclocking the hell out of it. RAM, CPU; everything is maxed out. 

Well, to be fair, I would need a PC with 3GHz speed and 64 GB RAM to do more complex orchestrations. But alas, I've reached the absolute limit to what is physically possible with my puny little 8 GB laptop.

Hell, I even managed to get a "divide by zero" error! Guess I should congratulate myself for achieving the impossibru!!!!





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2015-06-28 18:31:33

Watch out for resonance cascades!


2015-07-03 00:32:55

The universe exploded.