The wish list

2015-07-02 08:11:49 by DL2Electron

1) Sample libraries

  • Cinebrass CORE and PRO
  • Superior Drummer 2.0
  • Spitfire Iceni
  • Cinewinds
  • LA Scoring Strings 2
  • Cinematic Strings 2
  • u-he Zebra
  • IL Harmor
  • Heavocity Gravity
  • Ethno World 5 
  • Impact Soundworks World Bundle
  • Some 8Dio stuff
  • Anything by Eduardo Tarilonte
  • Embertone Friedlander Violin

​2) Plugins

  • Fabfilter bundle
  • Waves Grandmaster Collection
  • Waves PuigTec comp and EQ
  • Arts Acoustic Reverb
  • Valhalla Ubermod

3) Hardware

  • MIDI fader and pad controller
  • 4 - 16 channel analog mixing desk
  • x2 1TB SSDs
  • x3 1TB HDDs
  • Backup software
  • Mic stand for condenser mics

4) Instruments

  • Ibanez or Fender guitar

5) System

  • 3GHz quad core processor, 64 GB RAM
  • Vienna Ensemble Pro


Sigh..... one day. But not right now...



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2015-07-03 00:16:23

I see no point of getting both Cinematic Strings and LASS. CS is LASS on reverb/wet with less patches. Although I like CS basses, I think Adagietto is easier to control (okay, I figured you don't like it). Spitfire Iceni is a must for low instruments. The brass is brutal and probably the best thing I love from the library. If you like Gravity, check out Orbit,

CineWinds Core in general is ok. After I got it, I realized most of the patches are MIDI controller locked (yes you could configure them). If you hated Adagietto, you will hate CineSamples product. CineWinds Pro is something awesome. The ethnic European wind instruments like Duduk and Penny Whistle are well made. Ethno World 5 is nice because they have almost all instruments from around the world. However their articulation are poorly made. Well, it's a true thing for most of Best Service's instruments, excluding Eduardo Tarilonte's libraries.

It is worth saving up for these. My production skill increases along with the increasing of my library collection.

If you ever need advice or tip for any of the instruments you want to get, feel free to PM me. :)


2015-07-03 00:27:04

CineBrass is also a must. The different between CineBrass Core and Pro, is in Core they're more of individual patches, while Pro focuses on massive ensembles, plus FX (there is no brass FX in Core). Personally if you are on budget, you can survive alone with the Pro version only. There is a massive and budget epic percussion that a lot of people missed out, much more powerful than Stormdrum or CinePerc, is World Percussion Core. Well mapped articulations of almost all world instruments, with up to 10 RRs each. Normal price is $479.00, but currently it's only $287.40 until July 16th. I'm grabbing it now.

DL2Electron responds:

I've been waiting for a Cinebrass sale for almost forever now. They had a 50% sale last year I think