Some quick reviews of compressor plugins

2015-07-11 19:15:25 by DL2Electron

Demoed a few comps. Here are my thoughts.

NI Vintage Compressors - Other than the sleek GUI, its really just meh. For some reason NI plugins take a bit longer to load in FL 12 than other plugins, but they have low CPU usage <2% per instance. Quality wise, I could pretty much get the same results if I hooked up Fruity Limiter and Waveshaper in parallel. 3/5

IK Multimedia T-Racks - Probably just me but I felt that that these plugins were extremely transparent and didn't have that much colouring to the sound even when the gain was maxed out. I'm no audiophile so some people may perhaps like this quality when they are monitoring on high end systems... Either way, the GUI is pretty cool and has an M/S feature on every plugin. Probably the only reason why I may want to get this in the future if I get bored of Fruity stereo shaper's M/S capabilities. BTW the demo was extremely irritating to try out as they had white noise blasting every 10 seconds. Beware!  3/5

Toneboosters - These are some surprisingly high quality plugins at dirt cheap prices. In particular, the tape emulation plugins and dynamic eq are simply phenomenal. I think they lack a multiband compressor plugin though.. 4.5/5

Overtone DSP - I tried out their versions of the Fairchild 670 and Pultec EQs. The GUI is a bit bland aesthetic wise. I felt the controls of the the Fairchild clone to be a bit wonky. You can't adjust the the threshold and input dials together when you are in link mode for some reason. You have to adjust them separately, which is annoying. Also if I made boosts to the M/S channels, the left and right channels got boosted instead even though I clearly had the lateral/vertical option selected. Either this is how it was programmed or I don't know how to use this plugin properly. Pultec EQ is pretty good for making quick EQ boosts or cuts. I think they may be programmed to use mainly shelving filters. Sound wise, I can't really say anything because I don't know what a real Fairchild or Pultec sounds like lol. But if you are really dead set on getting a Fairchild or Pultec clone, you could give Overtone a shot. They happen to be the cheapest on the market to my current knowledge, when compared to Waves, UAD or IK Multimedia. 3/5

Cakewalk LA-2A clone - I don't know much about the much fabled Teletronix LA-2A, but I found Cakwalk's take to be pretty badass. This thing gets really, REALLY punchy when cranked up to the max, with no audible distortion. Compared this to NI Vintage Comp and IK Multimedia, Cakewalk steals the show for me. 4/5


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