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Honestly speaking your music production quality is right up there with the pros now. Congrats on the gig. Very well deserved. ;)


never heard a classical/cinematic piece from you before

very nice work!

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Catchy tune and some nice harmonies here. Good stuff.

RealFaction responds:


This is a nice piece. Soothing, peaceful and not too over the top. Would be a great fit for an adventurous fantasy game. It's pretty impressive that all these sounds are fresh from your own sample library. I was thinking the other day that its so easy to recognise what sample libraries are being used in music these days because everyone (including me) is using them! (unless they're over processed with effects and editing). Only recording your own sounds or tweaking around with a synth gives flexibility to explore new avenues. But ain't nobody got time for that!

samulis responds:

Isn't that the case! It's taken me over a year and an enormous amount of time, not to mention a considerable investment in money to make this thing a reality. Really makes you appreciate what the folks who make massive libraries get themselves into!

Wow...This is simply otherworldly, captivating and so god damn hauntingly beautiful... I also just noticed that this is also your first song entry on NG! Like dude, where the hell did you just suddenly pop out of and steal the show?! haha

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Fruity Slayer, huh?

Try these instead with your MIDI guitar ;)

TSE 808
FA3 Full
keFIR v1.2
Guitar Hack Impulses

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DESHIEL responds:

Will check them out, thanks ;)

Slick flow and nice beat. I got a "The Lonely Island" feel from it. It would be interesting to see you branch out into comedy/satire music if you decide to pursue it.

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TheDukesDepot responds:

I just might. I like a good balance of comedy and serious music. ^^

This is pretty sick. Love how you've approached the sound design with such minimalism and yet create some really cool sounds

Really like the pads man. Nice chill and relaxed atmosphere you've created - would be great for an exploring theme in an rpg game. Just a small suggestion, but you can perhaps look into stereo widening techniques to make the song more "wider" in the stereoscape.

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TheDukesDepot responds:

Gladly. Look I'll be honest about myself. I started from rock-bottom with music creation. I wasn't born a prodigy or anything like that. I had to learn everything I know. So, if you can link me to a good video on stereo widening, I would gladly view it. Make sure it's something Fl Studio related though. And thank you for the honest review. ^^

what is music theory?


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